Why outsource?

WJZ Computers - OutsourcingFrom small start-ups to multi-national Corporation, profit loss as a result of network downtime, or the loss of vital information (e.g. orders or financial records) are real risks that any company takes without having established maintenance, backup and anti-virus procedures that have been implemented by a knowledgeable professional.


Having reliable IT support is thus invaluable. You could hire a full time IT professional or team of professionals, but this is a highly inefficient and costly option.

Apart from the expense of paying a full time salary to the employee for work only required occasionally, extra expenses are incurred through benefits, training and many more ways.

WJZ Computers_0004_Small businessIt is essential for any size/type of business to have reliable IT support. One of the biggest balancing acts most business owners face is budget constraints and because of that, it is vital to know that, in the event of a network glitch, IT support services are on hand to minimise damage.

In addition, an IT support service can act as a preventative measure by ensuring money isn’t wasted on unnecessary setbacks that could possibly be avoided with better running systems. Having an expert in your corner is becoming increasingly vital as technology integrates into everyday life more and more.

Ensuring that whatever networks you have set up are working efficiently for you, not against you, is part of ensuring your long term success. Therefore utilising IT technical support can end up saving you money in the long run.

WJZ Computers_0003_OutsourceThis may seem like a daunting task, especially because all your daily tasks require all computers and network systems to function optimally.

Therefore IT support services need to be tailored to the requirements of your business. You will require a company that provides a complete IT support solution.

WJZ-Computers_0000_Our-solution2With our flat rate IT solutions, you know exactly what you’re paying no matter how extensive your IT support needs may be on any given month.

There are no additional hourly rates and our technicians are available to you as and when you need them. Whether you need to troubleshoot a small software problem with the help of a qualified professional, or you need us help you design, purchase, install and maintain an entirely new network, it’s all included in the monthly flat rate. We take the essential maintenance tasks that are required to keep your systems up and running off your hands, and data backup and security is one of our specialities.

Your team could spend hundreds of work hours a year updating software and anti-virus measures and backing up essential data like databases and financial records.

WJZ Computers-advantages-Badge


  • Extra expenses excluded
  • 24/7 Support
  • Support available without concern about leave or illness of staff
  • No 2nd or 3rd IT staff member needed
  • Less Payroll & Labour Law issues
  • Outsourcing provides knowledge & expertise of several IT technicians and not only one or two staff
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